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Adriana B Ferreira

Adriana B Ferreira, MD/PhD

Associate Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology


Searle Building Room 5-435
320 E Superior
Chicago IL 60611

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Alzheimer's Disease; Cell Biology; Cytoskeleton; Dementia; Developmental Neurobiology; Neuroscience; Signal Transduction

Description of Interests

The research in the Ferreira lab is focused on the mechanisms underlying neurite degeneration and synapse loss in neurodegenerative diseases

Professional Education

MD/PhD: National University of Cordoba, Argentina (1985)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of Virginia, Biology (1989)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: Insitituo de Investigacion Medica (1988)
Fellowship: National Council of Research (1985)

Most Recent Publications

Nicholson AM, Wold LA, Walsh DM, Ferreira A.
Molecular Medicine. 2012 Feb;18(2):178-185.doi:10.2119/molmed.2011.00366.
PMID: 22160219   PMCID: PMC3320137   ISSN: 10761551

Ferreira A, Bigio EH.
Molecular Medicine. 2011 Jul;17(7-8):676-685.doi:10.2119/molmed.2010.00220.
PMID: 21442128   PMCID: PMC3146621   ISSN: 10761551

Nicholson AM, Methner DNR, Ferreira A.
Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2011 Jan 14;286(2):976-986.doi:10.1074/jbc.M110.154138.
PMID: 21047784   PMCID: PMC3020782   ISSN: 00219258

Ferreira A, Sinjoanu RC, Nicholson A, Kleinschmidt S.
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.). 2011 Jan;670:141-153.
PMID: 20967589   ISSN: 19406029

Selected Books and Book Chapters

Ferreira A, Sinjoanu RC, Nicholson AM, Kleinschmidt S. Abeta toxicity in primary cultured neurons. In: Roberson E, editor. 2010. Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal dementia. Secaucus: Springer 141-154.

Caceres A, Paglini G, Quiroga S, Ferreira A. Role of the Golgi apparatus during axonal formation. In: De Curtis I, editor. 2006. Intracellular mechanisms for neuritogenesis. New York: Springer-Verlag 136-154.

Ferreira A, Loomis PA. Isolation and culture of primary neural cells. In: Spector D, Goldman R, Leinwand L, editors. 1998. Cells: A Laboratory Manual. Cold Spring Harbor: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 9.1-9.13.

Kosik KS, Ferreira A, Knowles R, Lecler N, Greemberg SM. Linking amyloid precursor protein processing and tau-related pathology in Alzheimer's disease. In: Kosik KS, editor. 1995. Alzheimer's Disease: lessons from cell biology. Berlin: Springer-Verlag 230-240.

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