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Mary  Hunzicker-Dunn

Mary Hunzicker-Dunn, PhD

Adjunct Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology


Tarry Building Room 8-721
300 E Superior
Chicago IL 60611

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Biochemistry: Proteins; Cancer Biology; Cell Biology; Endocrinology; Signal Transduction

Description of Interests

signal transduction, G protein-coupled receptors, ovary, receptor desensitization, phosphorylation,

Professional Education

PhD: University of Illinois - Urbana, Physiology (1973)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: Northwestern University/Feinberg School of Medicine, Biochemistry (1977)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: Northwestern University/Feinberg School of Medicine, Physiology (1975)

Selected PubMed Publications

Induction of cyclin D2 in rat granulosa cells requires FSH-dependent relief from FOXO1 repression coupled with positive signals from Smad.
Park Y, Maizels ET, Feiger ZJ, Alam H, Peters CA, Woodruff TK, Unterman TG, Lee EJ, Jameson JL, Hunzicker-Dunn M
The Journal of biological chemistry 2005 Mar 11; 280(10):9135-48
PMID: 15613482

Neuronal microtubule-associated protein 2D is a dual a-kinase anchoring protein expressed in rat ovarian granulosa cells.
Salvador LM, Flynn MP, Avila J, Reierstad S, Maizels ET, Alam H, Park Y, Scott JD, Carr DW, Hunzicker-Dunn M
The Journal of biological chemistry 2004 Jun 25; 279(26):27621-32
PMID: 15056665

Follicle-stimulating hormone activation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 by the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/AKT/Ras homolog enriched in brain (Rheb)/mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway is necessary for induction of select protein markers of follicular differentiation.
Alam H, Maizels ET, Park Y, Ghaey S, Feiger ZJ, Chandel NS, Hunzicker-Dunn M
The Journal of biological chemistry 2004 May 7; 279(19):19431-40
PMID: 14982927

Aging-related alterations in the distribution of Ca(2+)-dependent PKC isoforms in rabbit hippocampus.
Van der Zee EA, Palm IF, O'Connor M, Maizels ET, Hunzicker-Dunn M, Disterhoft JF
Hippocampus 2004; 14(7):849-60
PMID: 15382255

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