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Tracy Fehrenbach, PhD

Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


Abbott Hall 12th Floor
710 N Lake Shore Drive
Chicago IL 60611

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Child abuse and neglect Child abuse and neglect; Mental Health; Neuropsychology; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Psychology; Public Policy; Trauma

Description of Interests

My primary interests lie in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of trauma in the lives of children and women, with an emphasis on serving traditionally under served populations. I have a particular interest in efforts to make services maximally culturally sensitive and relevant for various (sub)cultures.

Professional Education

PhD: Oklahoma State University (2002)

Most Recent Publications

Kisiel CL, Fehrenbach T, Torgersen E, Stolbach B, McClelland G, Griffin G, Burkman K.
Journal of Family Violence. 2014 Jan;29(1):1-14.doi:10.1007/s10896-013-9559-0.
ISSN: 08857482

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